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Weeding, watering, and mulching are essential in the same way as for free growing shrubs. It is important, however, to apply two or three feeds of a balanced fertilizer at a rate 60g/sq m (2oz/sq yd) during the growing season. 

In regions where regular snowfalls occur, netting topiary pieces will help prevent the branches from breaking under the weight of snow. Knock snow off any flat surfaces as it may damage the framework.

If a leader, a section of, or a branch of topiary has been damaged or broken, cut it back cleanly with secateurs. Manipulate nearby shoots by tying them in to fill the gap.If topiary plants have been left unclipped for one or two years, regular clipping should restore the original form within the season. If the topiary has been neglected for years, and the shape has been lost, severe pruning to restore the outline should be carried out the first spring followed by two or three seasons of more precise clipping.

Topiary Care and Information

The foliage of some evergreens may be scorched in fierce winters and can die. The damaged foliaged will soon be covered by new growth in spring, but cut back it back where it is unsightly, taking care to follow the shape of the topiary piece. If shoots do not fill the gap, there may be a root problem, which will need to be treated.